Alien RX


700mg C02 Clear Oil Cartridge. Flavors Available; Grape Ape, Green Village OG, Strawberry Cough, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies, Alien OG, Grandaddy Purple, Candy Jack, Super Silver Haze, Master Kush, Diablo OG, Super Larry OG, Blue Dream, Kosher OG.



Alien Rx Cartridge online. Aliens rx! Better than your favorite cartridge. They are triple distilled. Also, they’re solvent free and it is a cannabis cup winner!

Claimed to be a cannabis cup winner, Alien Rx carts are definitely a good hit, but where is the source? A California based company with a mysterious background, AliensRx remains a low key company. Research showed nothing about them on cannabis cups, but one strange thing did pop up.  The website for Aliens RX and original Instagram are currently down. Now they are up as @AliensRx_Cail.

On that Instagram account, they list a California License number 10002329, belonging to Loud Pack, makers of Heavy Hitters. You can search for it here. AliensRx might be made by Loud Pack, but we emailed them to confirm and will update this post once we receive a response.


  • Appears to be licensed
  • Strong


  • No background information
  • Heavy terp flavor tastes almost artificial
  • Pre-printed THC claims probably false
  • Flavor sour
  • Vitamin E claims have been made, but not verified

Notice: DabConnection does not offer any medical advice nor guarantees the safety of any of the products reviewed on the site. The FDA currently advises against vaping THC. This particular product appears to be black market and may pose additional dangers beyond state-regulated cartridges.

This cartridge has been identified as being an unregulated brand. This brand is sold on the black market and by unlicensed dispensaries. This means that this oil has an unknown source, is not tested, and any claims of THC percentage, oil thinners or pesticides on the packaging are unverified at best. These brands often test positive for pesticides and thinners when independently tested. There have been news reports of health concerns stemming from useage of these types of cartridges. See our Health Guide for more information.

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