Fruity Krispy 350mg THC Cookie Factory provides specialized treats that taste as amazing as they look. Each member  on the Cookie Factory team believes in the natural healing powers of medical cannabis. It is their passion to supply delicious treats that increase the quality of life.  Fruity Krispy 350mg THC Cookie Factory takes pride in their handcrafted confections, their creations conceal their power with phenomenal flavor — don’t be fooled, these edibles are extremely potent. Process Fruity Krispy 350mg THC Cookie Factory’s bakers have been infusing cannabis into treats since 2010. All products are produced in
small batches to ensure absolute quality control. Each contains solvent-free, active cannabis oil and guaranteed even and precise dosage.

The Cookie Factory (formerly known to industry insiders as Enjoyable Edibles) is known for making delicious and potent high quality products.

The Cookie Factory Fruity Krispy Treats are the fun marshmallowy snacks you’ve been wanting! When it comes to fun and fruity medicating, no one does it better than The Cookie Factory. Made with Fruity-Dyno-Bites and premium medical cannabis, these medicinal krispies are both delicious and effective. Handcrafted with pure, solvent-less cannabis and containing 350mg of THC, enjoy with extreme caution if you’re a newcomer to medicinal edibles. Fun and easy, The Cookie Factory make this Fruity Krispy Treat with cannabis and love.

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