Liquid Gold – Almond Nut Toffee. G FarmaLabs brings a new era of chocolate production and enjoyment to the cannabis industry. Gone are the days of having to ingest something that was not quite appealing to our taste buds. Behind us are the moments of not enjoying our cannabis-infused products due to the raw flavor of cannabis oil in them.

Liquid Gold – Almond Nut Toffee is proof that G FarmaLab’s innovative advances in the edibles market have now allowed consumers to enjoy a wide array of cannabis-infused chocolate products. Our Liquid Gold Bars are 2.25 oz, infused with hybrid cannabis oil, and contain 6 servings with 35mg of THC in each.

Made with real milk chocolate and pieces of almonds throughout then infused with Liquid Gold Co2 extracted cannabis oil.

highest THC content in a cannabis chocolate bar – 210mg
Liquid Gold uses only the highest quality chocolate to always ensure a great taste
package is clearly marked with warnings, ingredients, nutritional information, proper dosage to comply with all CA cannabis state laws.

Manufactured By: G FarmaLabs
Name: Liquid Gold Bars
Mold: Chocolate Bar
Flavor: Almond Nut Toffee
Chocolate: Milk
THC per serving: 35 mg
THC per bar: 210 mg

Milk Chocolate Almond Nut Toffee

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10, 25, 35, 50


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